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LENOX® TOOLS METALMAX™ 1972923 Type 1 Cut-Off Wheel, 6 in Dia x 0.05 in THK, 7/8 in Center Hole, 40/50 Grit, Diamond Abrasive



Item #LNX 1972923


ManufacturerStanley Black & Decker

Mfr. Model #1972923

Ship Weight (lbs.)0.24


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Product Features

  • • METALMAX™ delivers 1000 or more cuts with no need for wheel changes, that is 30 times longer life than thin bonded cut-off wheels
    • Advanced diamond technology provides extreme durability in metal cutting applications, leading to increased productivity, reduced downtime and a lower cost per cut compared to thin bonded cut-off wheels
    • The cutting depth stays the same throughout its life, meaning better control, reach and precision
    • LENOX® TOOLS METALMAX™ there is less odor and dust residue as the wheel does not wear down like bonded abrasives, sparks originate only from the material being cut
    • LENOX® TOOLS METALMAX™ is designed for use in the same power tools as bonded abrasive wheels, at the same rpms and feed forces
    • No changes in operating settings are required
    • Use LENOX® TOOLS METALMAX™ as you would a bonded abrasive wheel