Item # STA 124BZ
Price $ 372.38
Brand Starrett
Mfr. Model # 124BZ
Ship Weight (lbs.) 2.5
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  • Product Features
    • These are the most popular inside micrometers because of their lightness, ease of use, and range
    • They are very useful for measuring inside diameters of cylinders and rings, measuring parallel surfaces, etc
    • Rod diameters are approximately 1/4" (6 mm) on the A and B sizes, and approximately 11/32" (8.5 mm) on the C size
    • Measuring rods are solid and assembled on one side of the micrometer head
    • Rods are insulated
    • Each rod marked with length
    • Hardened and ground anvils on rods, adjustable for length
    • Quick-reading figures - every thousandth numbered on Inch reading tools
Range 2-12 in
Screw Movement 1/2 in
Rods 10
Number of Gages 1