Assorted Flavors, 2.5 gal
Item # SQW 016044-AS
Price $ 124.75
Brand Sqwincher
Mfr. Model # 016044-AS
Ship Weight (lbs.) 52
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  • Product Features
    • Sqwincher® Powder Pack® assortment helps replenish electrolytes and minerals.
    • Designed for healthy electrolyte replacement and to help keep body hydrated
    • Ideal for high-heat environments to reduce heat stress related illness
    • Just mix with water and stir
    • Includes a 32-pack assortment of 4 flavors
Flavor Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon-Lime, Orange
Package Size 23.83 oz
Yields 2-1/2 gal
Qty/Pack 32