Item # CRN 1070
Price $ 87.84
Brand Aervoe-Pacific Company Inc.
Mfr. Model # 1070
Ship Weight (lbs.) 10
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  • Product Features
    • A non-destructive test kit to quickly locate cracks and defects in metals, glass, and plastic. This kit contains no chlorine or sulfur-bearing solvents.
    • Developed for testing materials where halogenated safety solvents are not permitted
    • Conforms to MIL-I-2135
    • Meets RDT F-3-6T standard as established by the Atomic Energy Commission, NAVSHIPS 250-1500 and MIL STD 271
    • Kit includes: 4 cans #1071 Cleaner, 2 cans #1072 Penetrant, and 2 cans #1073 Developer