Hard, Two-Part Polyurethane Resin Encapsulant
Item # 3M 054007-11849
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Brand 3M
Mfr. Model # 054007-11849
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  • Product Features
    • Electrical Insulating Resin 2104 is a hard, two-part, polyurethane resin encapsulant designed specifically for permanent splice protection
    • Formulated for virtually every electrical application requiring hard, non-reenterable resin with good handling and performance characteristics.
    • Used as the insulating material for cable splices operating at 1000 volts or less and is rated for continuous use at 194°F (90°C) with an overload rating of 266°F (130°C)
    • May be stocked to cover all hard resin needs, ending the need for multiple encapsulant inventories
Color Dark Green
Voltage 1,000 Volts Or Less
Dielectric Strength 524 Millivolt
Elongation 98%
Gel Time 18 min at 73°F
Tensile Strength 444 lb-Force/Sq. Inch