6 x 1 x 1 in, 7S, Fine
Item # 3M 048011-01661
Price $ 79.18
Brand 3M
Mfr. Model # 048011-01661
Ship Weight (lbs.) 0.73
Unit EA
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  • Product Features
    • Provides a clean and economical system for removing fine burrs, yet resulting in a polished finish
    • Conformability offers consistent finishing while keeping fresh abrasive mineral continuously exposed
    • Non-woven web runs cool and lessens impact on heat-sensitive materials
    • Unique resin system produces less smearing, reducing clean and prep time
    • Multi-purpose wheel cleans, finishes, blends, deburrs, and polishes all types of metals, composites and glass
    • Hard, long lasting 7 density
Arbor 1 in
Color Gray
Diameter 6 in
Material Silicone Carbide
Max RPM 6,000
Width 1 in